Chris Stokes

I can’t say enough about how amazing Jeff is! His training program and nutrition plans are perfect for achieving the goals you set. He’s not only a great trainer, He truly cares about his clients and pushes them to their full potential. I am a lot stronger, more cut and have way better endurance now thanks to Jeff!


Brian Grider

Quick back story, Growing up I was always the heaviest kid. 180lbs by 12, 230 lbs by 15, and 260 lbs when I graduated high school.  My breaking point was my 21st birthday, I weighed 303, and I had to hold my breath to tie my shoes. No one should ever have to endure such an experience, especially be being so young.  Having grown up through depression and a rough family life at home, I found solace in food. I would crush a large bag of doritos and multiple cans of coke in one sitting, just watching tv.  I lived a primarily sedentary lifestyle other than walking my dog, and going to school in my teenage years.  I am fortunate that my best friend is Jeff Baird, who currently owns Grizzly Baird Fitness, he was always there to support me through the rough years and hoped someday that I would be willing to take the first step toward a healthier life. When I did, he was right there with me,  unwavering support, texting me daily, holding me accountable for my diet, going to the gym with me and sprinting along side me on the stationary bike or running laps with me in the pool.  Everntually losing over 100 lbs and still maintaining most of that weight loss as I write this testimonial. It has been a few years since Him and I started this journey toward a healthier life for me.  I have never been more active, more fulfilled in how I see myself as a person and owe much of that to Jeff and his abilities as a personal trainer and support as my best friend.  Through his knowledge and patience and commitment to excellence toward myself and countless others he has impacted over the years, I can say with full confidence he has been the driving force behind who I am today. 


Cara Samson 

Cara's results are astonishing. She has lost 45lbs and several inches around every body segment, and is stronger than ever. I am proud of you Cara 

After my second child, I really let myself go and my weight got up to 199lbs. Everyday activities would tire me quickly and I suffered from on and off feet pain. I was over being overweight/ obese and I knew I needed to make changes in my life. That is when I decided to join Grizzly Baird Fitness in October 2015. I discussed with Jeff my goals and let him know my weaknesses. From there a workout and nutrition plan was devised. I worked out with him 3 times a week and each week we would review my challenges and my accomplishments. I would have my ups and downs but Jeff really encouraged me to stay positive and keep on the right track. He is very knowledgeable and whenever I have questions about nutrition or fitness, I’m sure to get an answer. Even when I am working out on my own and have questions all I have to do is shoot Jeff a text and I quickly get a response. Jeff is passionate about his work and has a contagious energy which keeps me motivated. March 2016 (5 months later) I have lost 45lbs, increased my energy, and have no more feet pain. Working out is a part of my life now and I have Jeff to thank for that!


Bryan Lerille 

Bryan is both patient and persistent. He understands that long term success takes time, and, as a result, has maintained steady progress over the years. 

I've been training with Jeff for 4 years. He has taught me to take interest in my physical health. When I began training with Jeff I weighed 265-270lbs, was pushing a 40" waist and had a body fat percentage of about 38%. Today I am at 203lbs, wearing 32" pants very comfortably, and my body fat % as of 5/6/2016 is 18.1%.

Jeffs education in kinesiology has play a huge part in my progress. He knows how your body is supposed to work. I've never sustained an injury or had any undue soreness. You will be totally drained when your workout is done but you will have had a great time with him.

If you are looking to improve your quality of life, contact Jeff.


Me, Jeff Baird 

“Here is my personal "mock" contest prep transformation. From 217lbs and 14% body fat, to 190lbs and 6.5% body fat. Never let anyone or any thought slide in between you and your goals. Anything is possible as long as your mind is willing. ”