PERSONAL TRAINING - Personal exercise programs centered around your goals, interests, needs, and capabilities; An emphasis on quality and quantity of movement to ensure that your goals are met both safely and effectively; integration of speed, agility, and quickness drills; power, strength, and hypertrophy training; balance training; mobility and flexibility drills; conditioning, and other training methods to optimize your results; One on one and small group settings 

RECOVERY SESSIONS - Massage, cupping, IASTM, stretching, joint mobilizations and other techniques/ modalities to lessen your acute and chronic pain, and to keep you training at the highest level possible

MONTHLY GAME PLANNING - Detailed, monthly game plans that break up your long term goals into more attainable, short term goals

NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES AND RECOMMENDATIONS - You are provided with a comprehensive example of a meal plan that is sustainable and fits within the confines of your lifestyle. 

24/ 7 TEXTING AND PHONE CALL ACCESS - Around the clock access to your personal trainer via text message or phone call regarding relevant nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle questions

MONTHLY MEASUREMENTS - Body fat, circumference measurements, weight, and all of other personal goals are assessed monthly to guarantee that you are continually progressing.


Yesterday you said tomorrow. No more “tomorrows”. Kick start your fitness journey today and take advantage of my incredible personal training start up offer, 3 sessions for $20. Do not wait, call or e-mail me at (909) 908-0494 or to book your first appointment now! 

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Teachers, military personnel, police officers, and fire fighters will receive a $5/ session discount from the original package price. Thank you for serving our children and protecting our country. 


Refer a friend and save! If your referral enrolls in a personal training program, then you are eligible for a one month, one tier program upgrade. If you are not currently enrolled in training, then you will receive a one month tier one package program for free.