Free Training Programs - If you are hesitant to give our online training services a whirl, then try out any one of our free training programs first. No gimmicks, and hassle free. You will not be disappointed. 

Live to Lead 14 Week Hypertrophy trainer 

The "Live To Lead" 14 week hypertrophy trainer is a scalable, multi-purpose strength and size based program. I designed it for one specific reason- to teach you how to progress from one mesocycle (typically, a 4-12 week training block) to the next. You see, progress is not always linear. That is, you will not get stronger every single week for the rest of your life. Gym newbies can get away with increasing the amount of weight that they lift every workout without stalling out right away, but intermediate and advanced lifters cannot. As you age in your training, your body will require new and different programming methods to progress. That is where the "Live To Lead" program comes into play. It will not woo you with all of the glitz and the glamour of most cruddy internet programs, but it will produce results. Be patient, be consistent, and make gains.


Back To Basics 12 Week Training Program 

I designed "Back to Basics" to introduce you to the bigger picture, a number of fundamental training concepts that matter. In an effort to build a clientele in an already flooded coaching sector, self-proclaimed "elite" coaches are unnecessarily "decking out" their programs to stand out. As a result, basic concepts are oftentimes neglected in favor of more unique, yet less effective training methods (concepts = long term planning, methods = minute technique alterations, more or less). Remember, an effective training program is more about the sum of its part, and less about the glitz and the glamor of each individual exercise or workout. That is, "21'sā€, drop sets, and forced reps mean nothing if a program is not periodized and progressively overloaded. Get it?