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Help me help you find balance as your personal trainer. Let's establish an effective plan without compromising the practicality of your daily routine. I specialize in both strength and conditioning and cosmetic- based training, so the sky is your limit! Follow the link above, choose from one of our many personal training options, and schedule your first appointment today. 

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If you are outside of the Inland Empire and interested in personalized programming, then online coaching is for you You will receive all of the benefits of personal training, minus the face to face interaction, at a fraction of the cost. Follow the link above, choose from one of our many online coaching options, and begin your journey towards fitness excellence today.


Grizzly Baird Fitness, Bearbell Athletics, and the Athletic Armory have teamed up to provide you with both humorous and motivational apparel to compliment your fitness venture. With over 50 different designs in stock, we have something for everyone. Food - lovers and lifting enthusiasts unite! Celebrate your craft stylishly, follow the link above and pick up your gear today! 



After my second child, I really let myself go and my weight got up to 199lbs. Everyday activities would tire me quickly and I suffered from on and off feet pain. I was over being overweight/ obese and I knew I needed to make changes in my life. That is when I decided to join Grizzly Baird Fitness in October 2015. I discussed with Jeff my goals and let him know my weaknesses. From there a workout and nutrition plan was devised. I worked out with him 3 times a week and each week we would review my challenges and my accomplishments. I would have my ups and downs but Jeff really encouraged me to stay positive and keep on the right track. He is very knowledgeable and whenever I have questions about nutrition or fitness, I’m sure to get an answer. Even when I am working out on my own and have questions all I have to do is shoot Jeff a text and I quickly get a response. Jeff is passionate about his work and has a contagious energy which keeps me motivated. March 2016 (5 months later) I have lost 45lbs, increased my energy, and have no more feet pain. Working out is a part of my life now and I have Jeff to thank for that!


I am fortunate that my best friend is Jeff Baird, who currently owns Grizzly Baird Fitness, he was always there to support me through the rough years and hoped someday that I would be willing to take the first step toward a healthier life. When I did, he was right there with me,  unwavering support, texting me daily, holding me accountable for my diet, going to the gym with me and sprinting along side me on the stationary bike or running laps with me in the pool.  Everntually losing over 100 lbs and still maintaining most of that weight loss as I write this testimonial. It has been a few years since Him and I started this journey toward a healthier life for me.  I have never been more active, more fulfilled in how I see myself as a person and owe much of that to Jeff and his abilities as a personal trainer and support as my best friend.  Through his knowledge and patience and commitment to excellence toward myself and countless others he has impacted over the years, I can say with full confidence he has been the driving force behind who I am today. 


I've been training with Jeff for 4 years. He has taught me to take interest in my physical health. When I began training with Jeff I weighed 265-270lbs, was pushing a 40" waist and had a body fat percentage of about 38%. Today I am at 203lbs, wearing 32" pants very comfortably, and my body fat % as of 5/6/2016 is 18.1%. Jeffs education in kinesiology has play a huge part in my progress. He knows how your body is supposed to work. I've never sustained an injury or had any undue soreness. You will be totally drained when your workout is done but you will have had a great time with him. If you are looking to improve your health and quality of life, contact Jeff.


I can’t say enough about how amazing Jeff is! His training program and nutrition plans are perfect for achieving the goals you set. He’s not only a great trainer, He truly cares about his clients and pushes them to their full potential. I am a lot stronger, more cut and have way better endurance now thanks to Jeff!


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Jeff not only asked me specifically for workouts and foods that I enjoy, he asked me what I didn’t like to eat, and what I didn’t like to train. Additionally, he asked me very specific questions about my timeframe and questions regarding my fitness history. He did all of this in an attempt to provide the best plan for me and my individual body! Not my body “type” but for my body and for my goals! He did so in such a way to avoid foods I don’t like and workouts I don’t like to do! Thus making the experience much more enjoyable. I write this testimonial today at the eight week mark of my journey. I started at 193 pounds and I am currently at 179 pounds! I have gotten to the point where I am no longer looking at the number on the scale because the results in the mirror speak for themselves! Jeff is a constant reminder that diet and fitness are both needed to achieve your goals. I mean it when I say, if I can do it, anybody I can. I was always against hiring a trainer or coach, but Jeff has erased all doubts from my mind. Once I am done with my cut, I have full intentions on utilizing Jeff for a clean bulk! Did I mention his online coaching is incredibly reasonably priced? Not only do I look good, I feel great! I highly recommend contacting Jeff today! 


Having Jeff as a trainer has completely changed my life. I’ve never been a slim guy. I really let myself go and ballooned up to a solid 230lbs when I was 26 years old. I made choice to do something about it  and struggled to get under 200lbs. I’m proud to say that I’ve been at a consistent 185 over the past couple years. 10 years later after my decision in to be a better me and I’m still fighting to get the weight down. 

The biggest change has truly been in the way I see myself. Jeff has made it very clear that I can do more if I push for it. He has definitely been that push. A push in the direction of a more confident and happier me. I can’t thank him enough for his knowledge and dedication. I encourage you if your reading this to make that choice too. Having Jeff there along for the journey is truly one of the best decisions you will ever make. 

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I’m coming up on my 4th recovery session with Jeff. While that may not sound like much in those 4 short sessions Jeff has thought me so much. I’ve developed some irregular breathing patterns from my lifestyle and improper lifting techniques. I visited many chiropractors, physical therapists, and “recovery specialist“, now while they all provided a quick fix the problems kept coming back. Jeff was not only able to identify these imbalances to the tee but take a long term approach towards fixing me. His knowledge is quite amazing but he’s able to explain things in a very simple manner where I understood exactly what he was talking about. I’m beyond grateful to have met Jeff and be able to work with him. If you’re looking for a trainer that’s knowledgeable, professional, and works with your goals in mind then five Jeff a call! 


I have been training with Jeff for about 6 months now, and it has been an amazing experience. I had suffered from L4-L5 herniation and shoulder impingement issues for many years. Jeff is one of the few trainers out there who looks at the body as whole, instead of just “treating” what is in pain. He truly understands the interconnectedness of the body. We worked through breathing, stability, mobility, imbalances, and strength to tackle my troublesome pains. He combines his education with his creativity to come up with new and exciting movements to target my specific problems. I was able to go from having limited motion and discomfort in daily routines to being able to bench, squat, deadlift, snatch, clean, and jerk without back or shoulder pain. Something that none of my prior trainers could have accomplished. Each day is a new day for my body, and I look forward to our session in achieving new PRs every week. Thank you, Jeff!



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