Month to Month                                            

        25 Minute Training Sessions              50 Minute Training Sessions                    

1x/week @ $45/ session ($196/month)      1x/week @ $65/ session ($282/month)        

2x/week @ $40/ session ($348/month)   2x/week @ $60/ session ($521/month)        

3x/ week@ $35/session ($456/month)    3x/week @ $50/ session ($717/month)          

Introductory Special

only $59

Yesterday you said tomorrow. No more “tomorrows”. Kick start your fitness journey today and take advantage of my incredible personal training start up offer, “2 weeks of personal training (2x/week) for $59. Do not wait, call or e-mail me to book your first appointment now!


Teachers, military personnel, police officers, and fire fighters will receive a $5/ session discount from the original package price. Thank you for serving our children and protecting our country. 


Refer a friend and save! If your referral enrolls in a personal training program, then you are eligible for a one month, one tier program upgrade. If you are not currently enrolled in training, then you will receive a one month tier one package program for free.